Priory of Saving Grace Services

•    Indigenous, Traditional, Native, Natural and Monastic Medicine: Healing modalities that have been used by various countries and indigenous (aboriginal), ethnic populations for thousands of years. We specialize in Medicine of Hope™ and SomaVeda Integrated Traditional Therapies® at our NAIC: Natural Wellness Solutions Tribal Wellness and Health Center and other locations around the world including US Puerto Rico.

•    Healing Ministry: Healing Ministry to anyone in need can include Spiritual Guidance and or Meditation, Energy Medicine and Prayer.

•    HomeoTherapeutics: We combine the knowledge of homeopathy with herbs, minerals, biologics, cell salts, flower remedies and bioenergetics.

•    Ministerial/ Ecclesiastical Body & Energy Sessions:

Includes all forms of Sacred Natural Medicine, Monastic Medicine Chirothesia combined with energy

•    Mental and Emotional Counseling: Energy and Spiritually based B.E.T./ EFT are techniques used help with solving problems, reducing stress, increasing motivation and altering behavior patterns.

•    Ministerial Counseling: Integrating principles and techniques from many therapy approaches, specializing in spiritual practices to foster the process of healing.

At Priory of Saving Grace, we take care to provide our church members high quality ministerial services personalized for their unique needs.